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Blind Creative A/B Test

Tool: SmartboardMR  |  Project: Ad Testing

Introduction: Stuck between a creative rock and a hard place? It can be tough to decide which advert to take forward when faced with multiple creatives. By conducting a blind A/B test it's possible to choose a winning piece using feedback & sentiments directly from your target audience, whilst still optimising and refining individual elements.

Method: Divide your target audience into two evenly sized groups - each with the exact same representative demographic sampling filters. Send one creative piece to each group. This can be a finished advert, individual design elements or even concepts such as storyboards. But it's important that each group receives a different varient of the same item (there's little value in comparing a print ad to a storyboard).

Ad_Testing.pngMeasure  Sentiment & Read Qualitative Comments

Invite participants to comment on all elements of the advert they have received. Every comment will also include a positive, neutral or negative sentiment tag. Identify a winning campaign by comparing the sentiment based heat maps of both images. This will highlight which advert was, overall, received more positively but also pinpoint problem areas that need addressing.

Dive into individual, nested comments to understand why participants liked or disliked particular elements. Use this insight to continue refining your winning piece until you are ready to launch.

Benefit: Make an informed decision on which advert will perform better, validated by both sentiment analysis and participant comments. Examine responses to the advert as a whole, yet retain the flexibility to look into creative elements. Refine based on feedback for a more effective campaign.

Test your advertising creative with a larger audience by integrating visual stimuli into quantitative surveys.