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Member Driven Communtiy Blogs

Tool: BlogMR  |  Project: Community Panel

Introduction: Give members the freedom to create long form blog posts to dive into opinions, ideas and experiences. Every blog can be categorised by topic or theme and a range of social functions keep the conversation flowing. Both moderators and members alike can comment on posts, or create long form content in response.

Method: Moderating user blogs is a delicate balance between keeping users engaged but not favouring one opinion over another. Blogs will be used differently between users, but it's important to ensure that there is a consistent quality of information that can be gathered from each.

This is best achieved by highlighting best practices and writing advice in a sticky news item. Remind community members that they can engage with the blog posts of others through a range of social functions including likes, comments and bookmarks.

Community_Blog.pngLong Form Content Adds Value for Community Members

To really incentivise your community, offer a regular reward for the blog post which generates the most activity. This will give consumers the motivation to write engaging content, as well as take advantage of media such as photos, video and audio files. Be careful when selecting the winner of this competition that it is based on a non-biased statistic such as the number of likes or comments, rather than moderator opinion.

Benefit: Blogging provides an opportunity for researchers and participants alike. It gives community members a space and audience to share their views with, while researchers can benefit from the rich, emotive detail of long-form content. There's no better way to peek into your members' lives and increase participant buy-in simultaneously.

Continue the discussion in a dedicated community forumwhich provides a space for more structured feedback.