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Community Gamification

Tool: Member AreaMR  |  Projects: Community Panel, NPD Community, Web Development

Introduction: Community gamification is the perfect way to energise your community members. Take advantage of real-time leader boards to encourage competition and introduce custom status bands for even more bragging rights. You can even take it one step further by regularly rewarding those who hold the global rankings within the community.

Method: Setting up these game inspired elements couldn't be simpler. First, consult your research plan and estimate a rough time each research task or action will take to complete. Then access the member area to set the amount of points to be awarded for each action.

Every task can be given a custom points value, depending on how important or time consuming the task is. We recommend that you allocate 1 point for every 5 minutes that you estimate an action will take. However, don't be afraid to bump up the amount of points for time or mission critical tasks to guide participants towards these in particular.

Community_Gamification_Elements.pngCommunity Gamification in Action

Finally, set community tiers that reflect individual contribution. Choose from our default: Platinum, Gold, Silver & Bronze badges or customise the system to create engaging, unique tiers. Once your community is live, remember to prompt participants, remind members of the incentives on offer and create buzz by publicly sharing rewards given to those at the top of the leader boards.

Benefit: A well designed community gamification system can significantly boost response rates to individual projects, as well as overall participation. Members are driven to post and comment on discussions to improve their own standing within the community. What can begin as a system that rewards active participants will begin to drive self-initiated discussions and generate new ideas.

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