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Community Micro-Analysis

Tool: DatabaseMR   |  Projects: Community Panel, Survey Panel

Introduction: Cross-examine your data sets to identify new opportunities. Micro-interrogation techniques involve tabulating data by custom variables in the search for new market and consumer segments.By filtering consumer group responses from a variety of community panels tasks (including surveys, bulletin boards and forums), it's possible to find similarities in responses that allow for natural market divisions.

Micro_Analysis.pngAn Example of Demographic Based Micro-Analysis

Method: Create filters in the table builder that are based on current segmentation strategies, integrated CRM data and responses from previous surveys. The more you test and experiment with different filters, the more common themes will emerge.

Results are displayed in easy to read graphs that highlight correlations between your chosen filters and common behaviours. Use these graphs to highlight brand evangelists, detractors and common issues that individual consumer groups face.

Once your target groups have been identified, follow up with tasks designed to explore the reasons for commonality. Probe into results based on behavioural values to find insight into attitudes, values and emotion that would have been otherwise undetected.

Benefit: Community micro-analysis aids in the quick identification of new market segments, lifestyle constructs and product opportunities. Uncovering hidden correlations provides unique insight unavailable to your competitors.

Boost engagement among identified segments by creating community based group discussions.