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Competitive Brand Mapping

Tool: SurveyMR  |  Projects: Community Panel, Survey Panel

Introduction: Understanding how your brand is perceived in the marketplace is vital to business success. To grow profits in a sustainable fashion, you must be aware of not only your own position but how your competitors to compare. The best way to achieve this is through a competitive brand mapping survey that aims to create representative, accurate insight into a marketplace.

Method: Competitive brand mapping surveys take advantage of a range of question types that aim to rank all major players in any space against core values. Start the survey by asking participants to recall all brands in your space that they can remember. Free recall exercises will give you an idea of the stickiness of each brand, and those that are most well recognised.

After this, list all of the brands in the space (both major and minor). Ask participants to select all those that they are aware of. Such an activity will give you insight into brands which are recognisable, but not known enough to make it into the free-recall exercise.

Brand_Positioning_Questions.pngExamples of Brand Positioning Questions

Once you have established the brands which participants are aware of, you can move on to sorting & ranking questions. There are a number of approaches to this that include grid questions, scales, point allocation and drag/ drops. However, the goal of these exercises are the same - to understand where your brand ranks on core traits in comparison to competitors.

Benefit: When the data collection stage is over, you'll be able to use this information to build an accurate market map which plots your position in relation to competitors. Knowing how you rank, and the reasons behind it, is one of the most strategic advantages a business can have. Use this information to guide investments and decisions that will improve your ability to grow into a market leader.

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