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Creative Advert Evaluation

Tool: SurveyMR  |  Projects: Community Panel, Survey PanelAd Testing

Introduction: Quantify your qualitative insights with a scalable, survey-based advertising evaulation. Use a combination of scale, ranking and sorting questions to understand exactly which aspects of your creative that consumers favour and spot problems before a full scale release. Integrate advertising campaigns directly into survey questions for richer feedback.

Method: Start by creating a new survey and select the target audiences that you wish to test your advertising campaign with. Once target audiences have been selected, upload all stimuli that will be used throughout the course of the evaluation. This can include embedded videos, images, audio files, storyboards and unfinished concepts.

Now you can begin building your survey questions. When doing so, consider the order in which you wish to introduce participants to advertising elements. In most circumstances you will want to gather feedback on print elements, before introducing other forms of media.

Ad_Testing_Survey.pngAdd Images, Video and Other Stimuli to Survey Questions

Ask participants about the degree to which the advert inspired the desired emotions, as well as questions that will provide indications of purchase intention. Be sure to include a variety of question types that will validate answers and highlight potential problems.

Though it can be tempting to create a 50+ question survey on a single campaign, refrain from allowing your survey to extend beyond the 15 minute mark. Instead, break up the survey into multiple shorter surveys, where each focuses on a different element of the campaign. This ensures that the completion rate of the most important questions remains high without sacrificing length or depth.

Benefit: Traditionally adverts are tested in focus group environments. This can be useful for understanding the potential range of individual opinions and group influence. However, focus group sample sizes are inherently small. Therefore, it's important to also test advertising campaigns with a larger, independent group of consumers. Only this will indicate the full spectrum of potential responses to the campaign before launch.

Discover how to test advertising campaigns in real-time using the latest online research technology.