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Customer Satisfaction Tracking

Tool: SurveyMR  |  Project: Customer Satisfaction

Introduction: Understand how your customers perceive your product or service by regularly tracking satisfaction. Use the results gathered over time to create short and long term objectives based on accurate, reliable feedback. Manage stakeholder expectations and quantify how new initiatives are impacting the customer experience with confidence.

Method: To be effective, customer satisfaction tracking surveys must be both short and mobile. Limit your survey to a maximum of 7 questions, each of which can be answered on a sliding scale. Also ensure that all questions appear on a single page so that customers are aware of the survey legnth - brevity is a key driver of high response ratees.

Customer_Satisfaction_Tracker.pngMake Questions Mobile to Reach the Widest Audience Possible

Begin with a question that asks customers to rate their overall satisfaction with your product or service. This is important as it gives you a top-level overview as to how much each individual aspect impacted the lasting impression of your brand. Once this score has been established, the remainder of your questions should ask customers to rate your product or service on a number of attributes.

Because customer satisfaction surveys should be kept as short as possible, it is important to choose the most relevant and pressing aspects for customers to rate. If you want to understand how you rank on more attributes than should be included, consider splitting your customer base. Instead of targetting all customers with long surveys that may not be completed, instead target groups of customers with shorter but different questions. This expands your tracking capabilities without sacrificing response rates.

Benefit: To accurately direct investments and make strategic decisions, you need to know which business functions or aspects of your product/ service are most in need of improvement. This is what customer satisfaction tracking can provide you with. Moreover, the longitudinal nature of the data gathered allows for forecasts to be generated with confidence, and help your organisation match & exceed customer expectations.

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