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Ethnographic Vox Pops

Tool: Report CardMR  |  Project: Customer Satisfaction

Introduction: Combine video based feedback with survey responses to gain a deeper level of insight into consumers lives. Create a range of tasks that include, providing feedback on product usage, recording interactions with products or reporting on discovered problems.

Method: Ask participants to record a short video of themselves after completing a customer satisfaction survey. The context of the customer satisfaction survey will guide the nature of the video that is uploaded. Examples of effective times to gather video vox-pops are: immediately after interaction with a customer service representative, while using the product or when a fault has been discovered with the product.

Vox_Pop_Upload.pngComments Can be Added to Videos to Provide Additional Context

Even though videos will be short, usually 1-2 minutes in length, the format evokes greater detail from research participants - as well as the surrounding context. Participants upload videos as soon as they have been recorded, and are able to add comments to explain the content in further detail.

Because researchers have access to videos as soon as they have been uploaded, it is possible to prompt for extra information from individual participants if more detail is required. This can be provided in the form of comments on the video, leading to an open dialogue, or by recording a follow-up video.

Benefit: Vox pops provide the in-situ context to feedback that is missing in many survey based methods. Being able to see and hear the words of consumers directly also has a much greater emotive impact on stakeholders - making this the perfect method for encouraging buy-in and support from both colleagues and senior management.

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