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Feature Development Hierarchy

Tool: BrainstormMR  |  Project: NPD Community, Website Development

Introduction: Propose a range of ideas that your development team are consideration and invite feedback from community members for easy prioritisation. Combine quantitative ratings with qualitative feedback to understand why members prefer some potential ideas to others.

Method: To set up a feature development hierarchy, first upload the potential changes that your development team are considering. Ideas can be limited to variations of a single feature, or a range of features depending on the project. Once uploaded, invite community members to rate and provide feedback on each idea individually.

Prioritising_Features.pngDevelopment Ideas Rated by Popularity

Acitivity is focused solely on the features you suggest - community members are not able to add their own ideas but can explain potential problems & solutions in comments. Top ranked ideas quickly rise to the top, gaining traction and stimulating further engagement.

Moderators should encourage community users to provide a comment explaining their rating, as well as replying to other comments on the idea. This ensures that you have the rich detail to explain ratings to stakeholders in detail. Once the project has ended, examine the comments in detail as these may lead to a number of iterations or highlight potential issues with the concept.

Benefit: Feature development heirarchies are a quick way to prioritise budget, working from a pre-defined list of potential developments. Ideas are screened for scalability prior to upload ensuring that community feedback focuses on generating realistic, achievable goals.

Generate new ideas from your community members to guide company direction and innovation.