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Product Feature Generation

Tool: BrainstormMR  |  Project: NPD Community

Introduction: Harness the collaborative power of your community to generate new ideas and innovations. Work with your members to include them in product/ software development cycles. Promote blue sky thinking to elicit creative ideas that plant the seeds of innovation. Then take advantage of smart ranking and filtering systems help you pick out the best concepts in a matter of seconds.

Method: Start by creating a new brainstorm project. This is an area in which participants can upload product or feature ideas for discussion, feedback and for the potential to be taken forward by development teams. Give your feature generation a clear title and brief introduction. Participants should understand exactly what ideas they should be suggesting (particularly if your company offers a range of products).

Brainstorming_Product_Features.pngThe Feature Generation Brainstorm Homepage

Once live, participants are able to upload and tag their ideas which are published to the community. Other community members are then able to rate ideas on a scale of 1-5, as well as comment with further additions. Ideas are grouped by tag, popularity and date to give members a range of browsing options. Moderators should be active, but refrain from rating ideas and influencing member opinion.

When seeking new ideas to take forward, it's important to pay attention to the idea and it's popularity. This will provide an indication of how desired this development is by the community as a whole. Also be sure to look at the comments - these can be a great source of further development, discussion and can help understand the need for the development.

Benefit: Increase the desirability of your product or software. Feature generation brainstorms give you a way to identify the most desirable features to the people who matter most - your customers. Involve your development teams to increase collaboration and give community members a sense of their importance within the NPD process.

Improve your understanding by quantitatively testing product attributes to discover those that matter most to your customers.