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Feedback Based Motivation

Tool: NewsMR  |  Projects: Community PanelCustomer Satisfaction

Introduction: It is impossible to overstate the importance of sharing the results and impact of market research projects with long term participants. By ensuring community & panel members are aware of the decisions that their feedback are influencing, it is possible to supplement the motivation provided by financial incentives at no extra cost.

Method: To provide project feedback, simply create a news item within your platform and start sharing sharing results. Remember to create an enticing title that will encourage members to click through and read the article in full. Try to include either a key finding, statistic or action within the headline, so that even those that do not read the full piece are still aware of the impact their feedback is having.

Market_Research_Feedback.pngEmbedded Stakeholder Videos within Feedback Updates

Within your article, try to make the content as engaging as possible. Take advantage of word-clouds, infographics and other means of data visualisation to present data in an easy-to-digest manner. Though participants will want to see key facts, avoid stuffing the article with too much information or posting a detailed analysis of every response. A high level overview is plenty.

Also consider integrating video thank you messages from stakeholders where appropriate. This level of communication helps participants feel as though they are a key influence within the organisation and encourage continued sharing.

Benefit: Keeping participants up to date with the results and impact of research projects is a huge motivator. In fact, our research has found that 46% of community members were willing to share more frequently due to organisations regularly posting research impact.

Keep participants engaged with your panel or community by posting project awareness campaigns that detail upcoming opportunities.