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In-Situ Shopper Diary

 Tool: DiaryMR  |  Project: Shopper Behaviour

Introduction: Get a full 360 degree view of shoppers and their purchase behaviour. Understand the full shopping process by gathering in-the-moment, contextual feedback. Use task based structures, clear instructions and repeated activities to build up profiles over time.

Method: Create a new diary study that is based on a single, repeated task. Provide set instructions to participants, asking them to fill out a research diary every time they complete that activity. From visiting a particular store, to making a certain type of purchase - ensure directions are relevant and clear.

Shopper_Diary.pngExamples of In-Store Diary Questions

Write a few short questions (we recommend a maximum of 3-4) that gather feedback on the shopper experience and decision making process. Integrate qualitative and quantitative questions for a balance of feedback that looks at both the 'what' and 'why' of purchase decisions.

At the end of each diary entry, give participants the opportunity to upload a photo and write a brief explanation. This visual stimuli can be of the storefront, shelf displays or the product itself. These rare glimpses of context give you an idea of how your consumers view products in real-life, non-constructed environments.

Benefit: Understand what participants plan to buy and what they actually do in relation to their in-store experience. Use this feedback to create a stronger brand presence in the decision making process. Take advantage of mobile optimisation allows sharing thoughts in-the-moment thoughts that would be otherwise unobtainable.

Complement in-store diaries with mystery shopping tasks to compare in-store experiences with expectations.

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