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Individual Member Personalisation

Tool: Member AreaMR  |  Projects: Community Panel, NPD Community, Web Development

Introduction: Personalisation is a key element to a successful community. Make members feel at home and provide the opportunity for self-expression with customisable profiles. Participants can add detils such as their location, biography, profile picture and more.

Method: Enable the member personalisation page to enable participants to edit their public profile. Individually control the information boxes that individuals can share and create custom fields for even more depth of personalisation.

Community_Personalisation_Screen.pngThe Community Member Personalisation Screen 

Encourage users to complete their profiles with additional incentives such as community reward points for actions such as uploading a profile picture or writing a 100 word biography. Though profile completion must never be mandatory, it does facilitate greater depth of discussions and one-to-one conversations so moderators should encourage it where possible.

Benefit: Personalising their individual profiles gives your community members the opportunity to express their personalities that may otherwise not be possible. Removing the element of complete anonymity also aids in forging relationships between community members and encourages organic communication.

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