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Instant Scaled Stats

Tool: Quick PollMR  |  Projects: Community Panel, Survey Panel

Introduction: Sometimes you only need one statistic - and fast. Whether it's a fact that would support your next presentation, an idea for marketing content or a quotable result for an impending PR interview. In these situations, there's not enough time (or any need) to run a full scale research project. That's where instant, scable stats come in.

Method: Taking advantage of quick polls, this allows you to create a single or multiple choice question to panel members in real-time. Target the question towards one or multiple user groups in order to create easy cross-comparisons based on behaviours, demographics and more. Filter and analyse responses as they are received to speed up the process even further.

Quick_Poll_Stats.pngPublished Quick Poll Question Results

Polls should be placed on the homepage of your research panel for maximum exposure. Participants can answer with a single click of a button as soon as they log in. Make questions public and share across social media to reach an even greater audience. Once you've received the results you need, use the table builder to examine results or download into Excel format for further analysis.

Benefit: Instant scalable stats have a multitude of uses. But most notable is their ability to reduce the level of risk in low-level business decisions. Once a question has been received by the insight team, it's possible to field, analyse and report results in a matter of hours, taking advantage of a pre-screened user base and easy to use software.

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