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Live Advert Testing

Tool: Live ChatMR  |  Project: Ad Testing

Introduction: Test adverts in real-time using live chat focus groups. Use a combination of qualitative and quantitative techniques to gather rich information to refine creative media before launch. Gather feedback on individual pieces or long-term campaigns as a whole. You can even A/B test multiple varients of adverts to compare opinions on individual elements.

Method: First, ensure the adverts or mockups you wish to test have been uploaded to the platform. Live advert tests can support mutliple picture, video, web and audio formats. Once participants have entered the discussion, enable adverts one at a time. Each advert will remain for as long as you require.

Live_Chat_Advert_Testing.jpgLive Stimuli on a Real-Time Advert Test

When live, begin with a quick show of hands poll to gauge instant reactions and start the discussion. Explore likes, dislikes, intention and suggestions for improvement, while allowing the conversation to evolve naturally. Step in when required to re-direct the discussion or probe for further detail.

After the live-chat session has ended, download the transcipt for analysis. Feed suggestions back to the creative team so that improvements can be made prior to a full launch. Remember to pass on both positive and negative reactions as well as the quantitative data to back up proposed changes.

Benefit: Develop key advertising elements to optimise campaign effectiveness before launch. Observe group effects and behviour on the advert, gathering a wide range of opinions. This means you're likely to discover issues, controversial elements and key reactions before the advert is released.

Understand the wider market reaction with high volume, survey based ad testing capabilities.