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Longitudinal Analysis

Tool: DatabaseMR   |   Projects: Community PanelSurvey Panel

Introduction: Highlight common themes and track changes in panel opinion with features that enable longitudinal analysis. Discover the most discussed topics and the panel members' sentiment towards each at any point in history. Cross compare date periods to track opinion and relate specific business actions to visible changes in the panel summary.

Method: Search all panel and community content for specific tags, moods and themes to access a detailed breakdown of each. Filter content from different tools and even public/ private channels. Make use of these filtering options to compare how feedback format impact product and brand opinions.

Dashboards Summarise Panel Sentiment

Tags can be manually created to ensure that you are tracking discussion topics relevant to your business and panel members. Detailed statistical summaries of the performance of each tag can be viewed graphically (as demonstrated in the screenshot above) or in tabular format by user.

Download the raw data in .xls or .csv files to continue analysing results in the way that suits you. Regularly monitor both opinion and popularity of themes to gain insight into both customers and the all important public perception of your brand.

Benefit: Longitudinal anaylsis provides you with the opportunity to understand and respond to changes in your customers' perceptions and behaviour. Finding current trends ensures accurate forecasting and the responsiveness neccesary to capitalise on emerging themes.

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