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Digital Mystery Shopping

Tool: SurveyMR  |  Project: Customer Satisfaction

Introduction: Mystery shopping is a staple of market research teams & insight teams across the globe. Now, mobile optimised online research platforms have enabled mystery shoppers to become more effective than ever before. Gather in-the-moment feedback about real life customer experiences as they unfold with a range of supporting media.

Method: Challenge mystery shoppers to focus on a single aspect of their experience. Whether it's returning a product, contacting customer support or an online check-out - ensure you test one element at a time. This will give you the opportunity to really understand that element of your organisation, from a customer perspective, in isolation.

Mystery_Shopping_Tasks.pngMobile Mystery Shopping Tasks

Tasks can be either online or offline. When researching an offline experience, ensure your mystery shopping report is mobile optimised so that participants can complete questions in-situ. This will ensure that responses are accurate and reflective of the in-the-moment experience, not how it remembered afterwards.

Keep reports short, between 4-7 questions. Though the order of questions will vary depending on which aspect of the customer experience you are analysing, it is best to start with questions that rate the quality of the experience before moving onto open questions which allow participants to provide in-depth descriptions. Photos and videos can be added to highlight points made within the report, or to provide a visual record of the experience.

Benefit: Mobile optimised mystery shopping tasks make it possible to evaluate the customer journey, identify key touch points and hone in on areas of improvement with in-situ feedback. The issues uncovered in mystery shopping tasks highlight new opportunities for improving customer retention.

Run co-creative reputation management focus groups to collaboratively generate ideas for improving customer experiences.