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Online Suggestion Box

Tool: BrainstormMR  |  Project: Website Development

Introduction: Generate website suggestions direct from your community members. Create an online suggestion box that runs alongside your main tasks, giving members the chance to suggest new ideas at any time. The longitudinal nature of this method gives community members time to consider and suggest ideas, drawing inspiration from your website as well as other tasks.

Method: Simply set up a new brainstorm within your research platform. Highlight in a brief introduction the nature of the brainstorm is to gather ideas for potential developments, bug fixes and new features. Reassure members that there is no time limit on suggestions and they are free to post new ideas at any time.

Online_Suggestion_Box.pngSuggestions are Filtered by Popularity & Tag

As community members participate in other tasks, you'll likely see a spike in suggestion box activity inspired by increased website activity. It's important to remind participants that they can draw inspiration from a number of sources, including ideas they have seen implemented on other sites that they believe would improve the experience.

All ideas can be rated by other community members, helping you quickly judge which are the most popular. Comments on posts can also be a great way to see how others are building on the initial suggestion. Regularly check for both new ideas and comments to pass on to your website development team or test further with the wider community.

Benefit: Quickly identify the most desirable website features to your users. Keep tabs on ideas with ranking and tagging systems. By making full use of a long-term community suggestion box, you can continue to develop your web presence in a way driven by real user feedback.

Review individual user journeys for detailed descriptions of how users interact with each element of your website.