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Online UX Exploration

Tool: ForumMR  |  Project: Website Development

Introduction: Use community forum discussions to explore online behaviour, user experience and digital interaction. Take advantage of the insight gained from user frustrations and delight to improve your web presence. Identify quick wins that can be implemented by your development team whilst monitoring overall sentiment for long term opportunities.

Method: Create forum topics that focus on user behaviour in relation to both your website and similar sites. Use discussion guides to focus participants on explaining user stories, highlighting their likes and dislikes in particular. Give participants the freedom to post their own threads as well as comment on the threads of others, leading to open free-flowing discussion.

UX_Forum_Experiences.pngUse Website Screenshots to Highlight Key Pages

Encourage participants to post screenshots of website pages. These can be used to demonstrate clearly the elements that participants are seeking to discuss. Visual stimuli is also a great way to engage commenters, who are able to pinpoint areas of agreement or disagreement.

Online UX explorations should be monitored closely by moderators. These discussions can highlight a number of quick wins which are easy for the digital development team to implement. However, they also provide long term inspiration for broader restructuring that will lead to an improved user experience.

Benefit: Learn direct from website users how your digital presence meets their needs and which areas are lacking. Combine results with analytical data to build a full 360 view of the user experience. Use this rich information to create engaging reports that clearly define roadmaps for success.

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