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Participant Recruitment

Tool: DatabaseMR   |  Projects: Community Panel, Survey Panel

Introduction: The quickest and most cost effective way to recruit participants into your next research task is through a dedicated recruitment panel. Rather than outsourcing contracts to expensive access panels of questionable reliability, an internal recruitment panel gives you the control over membership, segmentation and follow-up tasks that you need.

Method: Every participant is pre-screened by a simple, short questionaire. These questions are designed to provide you the with the information required to make a decision on whether or not the individual will be a suitable addition to your panel. You can even automate this process to grow your panel over time without the need to micro-manage members.

Selecting Sample from a Research Panel

When inside the participant panel, you can easily create research communities or tasks aimed at specific pre-screened segments. Take advantage of customisable user fields to create segments that are important to your business and target relevant research towards each. Combine with demographic and historic research activity behaviour to drill down even further and compare results across consumer groups.

Benefit: Recruiting participants from a dedicated pre-screened panel reduces both the time and cost it takes to get research projects off the ground. You'll also benefit from improved sampling accuracy & result reliability, by knowing that your respondants are genuine, interested and engaged.

Track changes in panel, consumer group and individual sentiment with longitudinal analysis.