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Point of Purchase Scrapbook

Tool: ScrapbookMR  |  Project: Shopper Behaviour

Introduction: Pinpoint the exact moment that a shopper makes an in-store purchase decision. Use photos from shopper diaries to create group scrapbooks that are used as the basis for a collaborative discussion. Evaluate merchandise, promotions, product placement and packaging to identify the most impactful point of purchase elements.

 Method: To create a point of purchase scrapbook, take the individual point of purchase photos collected from in-store shopper diaries and arrange them into a new, digital collage. Publish these scrapbooks on your online platform as group tasks to form the basis of discussions between participants.

Purchase_Scrapbook.pngIn-Store, Visual Scrapbooks

Encourage participants to compare photos, providing their personal opinions on which are the most intruiging and which are most likely to influence their purchase decisions. Comments can be made on individual photo, or the scrapbook as a whole.

Focus scrapbooks on comparable images, such as shelving layout or merchandising. Use the tasks to compare the effects of different store configurations on purchase intention, then use the feedback to optimise the shopping experience. Gather a range of opinions from consumers for an accurate picture of the spectrum.

Benefit: Identify the most impactful point of purchase iniatives that influence shopper behaviour. Refine and optimise in-store displays, packaging and merchandising campaigns to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Incorpate new ideas into marketing and sales strategy to consistently improve ROI.

Gather the images you need for a point of purchase scrapbook using in-situ shopper diaries.