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Post Shopper Survey

Tool: SurveyMR  |  Project: Shopper Behaviour

Introduction: Much focus is placed on understanding shopper behaviour as it unfolds. However, it is equally important to stufy the remembered experiences - which form the lasting impact your brand has on shoppers. To do this, we recommend conducting post shopper behaviour surveys, using recall based questions to quantify stand out in-store retail experiences.

Method: Post shopper surveys are ideal for finding out how consumers will remember your brand once they have left the store. However, the questions you ask must be geared towards asking what participants can recall of there experience - as this will contain the important information that you are looking for.

Shopper_Survey.pngUse Drag & Drop Questions to Aid Recall

Use a range of questions types such as scales, drag & drop, multiple/ single choice and verbatim formats to quantify and understand shoppers remembered experiences. Focus on likes, dislikes, suggestions for improvement and store specific issues. Examples of these can include: interaction with staff, time spent shopping, stock availability, offers and displays.

Benefit: Understand which store elements create a memorable shopping experience in relation to your product. Revise your in-store elements accordingly to improve brand recall, interaction and loyalty.

See which elements of your store shoppers visit most by creating an online retail journey map.