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Product Ideation Forum

Tool: ForumMR  |  Project: NPD Community

Introduction: Give community members the freedom to share product experiences, likes & dislikes. In this space, members are able to discuss the products offered by your company and competitors, highlighting what exactly they like or dislike about each. Encourage community members to share stories & experiences for greater depth and context.

Method: Create a forum dedicated to a single product category. Within this forum, set up a number of threads to give community members inspiration. For example, add a sticky thread where members can discuss which product they use and why. This is a great way to break the ice and start discussions that will lead to greater engagement throuhout the project.

Product_Ideation_Forum.pngAn Example of a Smartphone Ideation Forum

Add a notice at the top of the forum which encourages users to start their own threads, discussing specific problems, ideas or requests. Other members will be able to comment on these threads, driving conversations forward through open, organic discussion.

Moderators should always have a presence in all threads to provide encouragement, support and elicit responses from other members. Having a regular, visible presence reassures commenters that their ideas and concerns are being taken seriously. Remember to thank members who contribute suggestions that are used in reports or product development.

Benefit: Product ideation forums help businesses identify consumer needs that are not currently being met by the products on the market. The ideas shared in this space can have a direct impact on product development - streamlining the process whilst retaining a strong customer focus.

Introduce your product development team to community members in order to establish trust through dedicated stakeholder profiles.