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Project Awareness Campaign

Tool: NewsMR  |  Projects: Community PanelCustomer Satisfaction

Introduction: Make sure your community & panel members are up to date with the latest projects by implementing a project awareness campaign. Place news items on your community homepage to ensure maximum exposure, giving all members a chance to be included in upcoming projects. 

Method: To create a project awareness campaign, simply create a news item in your research space and begin editing. Ensure that your title is descriptive, yet enticing to ensure that members are intruiged by the opportunity. Try to include the incentive where possible, as this is the information that most participants will be looking for.

Project_Update_Homepage.pngProject Updates Posted to the Homepage

When writing the content of your project awareness campaign, remember to provide a balance of the benefits to the participants, and a description of the task itself. This is your opportunity to prepare community and panel members so that they understand what is required of them and how to best achieve it. Also be sure to include a few best practices and tips if relevant.

Finally, promote your article so that it can reach the widest audience possible. Add the campaign to your homepage so that it is seen by all members as soon as they log in. If it's an important project, don't be afraid to send an email to potential participants as well - the more exposire the better.

Benefit: This type of news item is perfect for preparing research participants for upcoming projects, giving them time to prepare if necessary and ensuring that you maintain a high response rate. In addition, active community & panel management that promotes new projects will keep participants logging in and remaining engaged throughout the duration of your community or panel.

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