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Reflective Advertising Review

Tool: SmartboardMR  |  Project: Ad Testing

Introduction: Quantify opinions on your creative campaigns with smart heatmapping technology. Invite research participants to pinpoint positive, neutral or negative comments to your adverts to understand exactly which aspects perform well and which do not. Use this data to refine campaigns and guarantee a successful launch.

Method: Upload your chosen advert to a new smartboard. Once live, invite selected participants to review the advert as a whole. Provide clear instructions that ensure participants are aware they should pin comments to specific areas of the image - alongside comments explaining their sentiment.

Sentiment_Analysis.pngView Problem Areas with  Auto-Generated Heatmaps

Areas do not need to be set before the task is published. Participants can pin comments anywhere on the image, thus are not constrained by pre-defined grids. Moderators are able to show or hide comments & sentiment tagsfrom other participants on the image, depending on whether the task is designed to be collaborative or not.

After the task has been completed, view the results on the image using automatically generated heatmaps. These are created from an amalgamation of sentiment tags, providing a high level overview of audience opinion. Dive into the the reasons behind sentiment by reading through individual comments for greater depth of understanding.

Benefit: Granular feedback on advert details isolates problem areas and focuses creative teams on where further work is required. Use this information to refine advertising campaigns and ensure the optimum public reaction.

Continue testing your adverts in a live, group environment with stimuli oriented live chat focus groups.