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Co-Creative Reputation Management

Tool: Question BoardMR  |  Project: Customer Satisfaction

Introduction: Focus on any element of your product or service delivery that customers have highlighted as being weak. Monitor discussions and probe for further detail to understand exactly what has led to lower than average scores. Discover problems before they manifest and harm your organisation's reputation by putting a considered managment strategy in place.

Method: Co-creative reputation management focus groups should be led by the findings of your customer satisfaction surveys. Each discussion should last between 5-10 days, providing participants with enough time to post considered, reflective feedback. Threads should probe, in-depth, the reasons that have led to low scores and what can be done to improve them. 

Management_Bulletin_Board.pngUse Public & Private Prompting to Elicit New Ideas

Use topic guides to create a linear structure that directs the discussion from problem recognition, to associated values and finally ideas for improvement. The linear nature of these discussions allow participants to review other comments before posting their own. Moderators can prompt for more detail in public or private where necessary for further detail. 

Benefit: These question boards are great for stopping potential problems in their tracks, before they snowball and begin to impact brand reputation. By using projected forecasts from customer satisfaction surveys, insight teams can take a pro-active approach to defending brand values and product/ service experiences - leading to reduced strain on customer service and improved loyalty.

Gather the feedback you need to run co-creative reputation management focus groups with ongoing customer satisfaction initiatives.