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Stakeholder Profiles

Tool: BlogMR  |  Projects: Community PanelNPD Community, Web Development

Introduction: Stakeholders often want to be involved in, or watch the progree of online research projects as they unfold. So why not introduce your community to the people who will be making decisions based on their feedback. This type of blog post not only humanises your brand but gives participants the motivation and drive to help establish change.

Method: With the permission of your stakeholders, add a new blog category under which you can store team profiles. Use an easy-to-recognise same such as 'Meet the Team' to ensure it is seen by as many people as possible. Then, ask each individual stakeholder to write a short blurb introducing themselves and their objectives within the company.

Feedback_from_Stakeholder.pngPublic Stakeholder Profiles

This short description should include: job function, involvement in research project, personal goals for the project and what the stakeholder is currently doing within the organisation to establish change. Participants will then be able to comment on the article with direct feedback.

Ask stakeholders to monitor these comments and reply where possible. Having an active profile on the community platform will reassure participants that stakeholders are invested and interested in the feedback that they are providing.

Benefit: The key benefit to adding stakeholder profiles to your platform is the trust it establishes with members. Rather than interacting with an abstract research team or agency, participants will be able to get to know the people using the information they provide to improve the business. Regular feedback from stakeholders motivates participants and energises the community as a whole.

Find out how to use regular community feedback to further boost member engagement & motivation.