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Targeted VoC Programme

Tool: Live ChatMR  |  Project: Customer Satisfaction

Introduction: Keeping in touch with customers, their expectations and challenges is not just the role of surveys. Regular, monthly focus groups are an incredibly useful aspect of any VoC programme. These can probe into the reasons for falling scores, look into ideas for improvement or simply identify emerging opportunities. But they definitely should not be overlooked.

Method: At the start of every quarter, identify the 3 aspects of your customer experience that are under-performing compared to competitors. Schedule a focus group once per month to look into each of these in turn. Use the hour long session to explore likes, dislikes and any suggestions for improvement.

VoC_Focus_Group.pngThe Live Chat User Interface

Invite stakeholders to view the group live for maximum effect. Stakeholders should include key figures in the research department, as well as higher management who have decision making capacities and are able to influence departmental objectives. Watching customers discuss issues in real-time is emotive and will likely be a key driver of change.

Open the group session with a show of hands poll to identify group consensus and encourage discussion. Once this has been established, follow a topic guide that ensures the discussion moves from individual experiences to effects and finally suggestions for improvement. Anonymity in the group will encourage open and honest discussion.

Benefit: Complementing your voice of customer programme with regular, monthly focus groups helps stakeholders understand what exceptional service means to your customers. This gives you the opportunity to develop each element of your service delivery in order of priority and stand out from the crowd.

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