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User Journey Review

Tool: Report CardMR  |  Projects: Website Development, Beta Testing

Introduction: Give participants specific tasks representative of common user experiences. Gather reports on specific journeys, which pinpoint areas that need to be impoved, unnecessary pages and ways in which your site can offer a more coherent, smooth experience. Look for small design changes that will have an immediate impact in addition to long,term structural variations.

Method: Invite participants to complete a report card on their experience of a particular web site task. Limit report cards to one task only - this will ensure that the feedback you receive is directed precisely towards the challenges each task brings.

Review_Report_Card.pngWebsite User Journey Review Instructions

Instructions on the report card should provide participants with the start and end point of the task. For example, start on the website homepage and complete a purchase of product X. Then provide space for participants to write free-form feedback describing what steps they took to reach the task end point. Individual journeys may differ in path, however this can be useful to understand the multitude of ways in which consumers can interact with your site.

Finally, ask participants to rate the experience on ease of use and ensure there is space for a video or image upload. Participants will be able to use this to show any errors, bugs or examples of poor experience that they encounter over the course of the task. All tasks should be short and focused, however don't be afraid to ask consumers to complete multiple report card to gather information on a range of tasks.

Benefit: User journey reviews give you the opportunity to take a walk in the shoes of your customer. Gather first hand feedback on the usability of your web experience. Then use this data to identify design, content and navigation elements that require improvement.

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