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User Video Demonstrations

Tool: Report CardMR  |  Project: NPD Community

Introduction: Even the most well-written instructions don't always translate into how consumers actually use your product. However, finding out how consumers use your products once they have left the store is challenging. By invite select participants to record short video demonstrations of how they interact with your product in dayto-day situations, you're able to view otherwise invisible habits.

Method: Create a mobile optimised report card which invites participants to record a short (less than 5 minute) video explaining how they use your product. Video demonstrations work best if you are able to  ask participants to show how they use the product in real-time. By observing simple actions, it's possible to gain ethnographic insight into the role your product in your target audience's lives.

User_Video_Demonstrations.pngUploading a Product Demonstration Video

Keep instructions simple as you do not want to influence how participants interact with the product - this should be as natural as possible. However, you should request that participants explain their actions throughout the course of the video. Asking participants to explain their actions highlights the differences in product usage, but also explains the thought process which has led to these variations. 

Benefit: User video demonstrations give you a rare glimpse inside your customer’s environment. Video content brings your customer expectations and challenges to life. Usage habits inform key product elements inclusing size, shape, usability and more. In addition, the rich detail in demonstrations exemplifies and supports research recommendations for greater stakeholder buy-in.

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