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Walk Through Instructionals

Tool: NewsMR  |  Projects: Community PanelCustomer Satisfaction

Introduction: Make sure your research participants understand project requirements by posting detailed, step-by-step walkthroughs. These are perfect for in-home product tests, software development projects and other forms of research in which physical interaction is required.However, uses aren't limited to this. You can even ensure the success of online research by posting screenshots that guide participants through complex processes with ease.

Method: Start by creating a news item in your online research space and selecting the user group that has been chosen to take part in your research project. This is important as it ensures that instructions are shown only to those who will be involved - avoiding any conflicts or confusion between participants that have not been chosen.

How_To_Instructions.pngInclude Additional Media Where Necessary

Next, focus on creating your instructions. The headline should be descriptive so that participants can clearly identify which project the article is providing instructions for. The content of the item should break down steps as much as possible, listing actions in bullet point format. 

Be sure to include additional media where required. Photos, videos, diagrams and screenshotscan all be added to instructions to exemplify how tasks should be completed. These provide a great way to supplement written guidance and give participants options to choose from.

Benefit: Instructions are a vital aspect of a successful research project. By breaking down tasks into individual steps, it is possible to minimise mistakes that may be made, especially in more complex projects. In turn this leads to greater research engagement, project completion and - ultimately - more reliable results.

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