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Website Sentiment Mapping

Tool: SmartboardMR  |  Project: Beta Testing

Introduction: See a visual overview of your website as viewed by your target audience. Find out which elements stand out, which trigger little reaction and which require improvement. Test multiple pages or variations on a single design and compare to understand which design works best & why.

Method: Invite a core group of participants, representative of your target audience, to tag an image of your website with sentiment driven comments. Define key areas of the site structure such as the navigation bar, header, content and footer to gain insight into each isolated element.

Tagged_Image.pngSee Your Website Through the Eyes of Your Audience

Participants are able to pin comments anywhere on the image - tagging the comment as positive, neutral or negative. The visibility of comments is controlled by moderators. Make previous comments visible to participants to encourage group discussion, or disable comments to stimulate individual reflection. Either option is valid, it just depends on your goals.

Consider testing multiple pages of your site, or a few variations of the same page. Understanding the differences between these will guide you towards a more effective solution - allowing your team to make design changes that have a real impact. Just remember you'll need to set up a seperate smartboard for each image you wish to test.

Benefit:  The granular nature of sentiment analysis feedback highlights problem areas. Qualitative comments provide suggestions for improvement and can be used as the basis for discussion in design team meetings. Use this detail to refine aesethics and provide a better, more intuitive web experience.

Testing designs prior to launch? Take advantage of user acceptance forums to give beta testers a clear voice.