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Website User Evaluation

Tool: SurveyMR  |  Project: Beta Testing

Introduction: Put your website to the ultimate test. Evaluate user experience, design, content and layout en masse. Use a variety of survey questions to understand how your target audience will react to individual website elements, as well as the overall experience.

Method: Harness the power of scalable insights. Publish an open survey to gather both qualitative and quantitative opinion from a wide range of consumers. Include images, videos, links and instructions for specific scenarios for accurate, reliable research.

Website_Evaluation_Survey.pngUse Images to Evaluate Individual Pages or Elements

Take advantage of scales, ratings, multiple or single choice questions. Integrate open-ended questions for long-form feedback that provides further detail and reasoning behind the quantitative ratings.  Test both mobile and desktop websites alike by using fully mobile optimised survey questions.

Keep surveys short and focused to ensure high completion rates. If testing a number of website elements, consider splitting your survey into multiple shorter ones. This means important aspects can still be fielded to a large sample size, while targeted aspects are able to be sent to more relevant segments.

Benefit: Know with confidence that your wider market will respond to your website positively for guaranteed success. Ensure that feedback is used to implement changes throughout the site for a more enjoyable, user-friendly experience.

Map target audience sentiment to see exactly how your website is viewed is a whole and pinpoint problem areas.